the scribbler

hi my name is shae and i’m a leo born in nineteen-ninety-two. i am mostly sleep deprived, both childish and mature, a dallying sort of human that kind of has a fascination for psychological/horror stuff.

i strive on words, which is why i want to create a world for the both of us and i want us to drown within the oceans i’ll make, the ones that keep us apart from one another; no one can stop it from expanding, and for one single arbitrary moment, i get stuck within the fairy tales i have made because out of all the things i do these feel right.

but, quite frankly, i do not believe that happy endings exist, my dear, personal, buzz lightyear.

anyway, hello magical peeps; i am a bit wordy, and a writer.

[ i have a weird working schedule, so i’ll probably post once a week ]